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Some books about LIGHTING (or related) available on PDF (please drop me an email so I can send you the ones of your interest):
A Practical Guide to Stage Lighting, Second Edition - Shelley, Steven Louis
Advanced Lighting Controls - Dilouie, Craig
Aluminium structures in the entertainment industry - Hind, Peter
Automated Lighting - Richard Cadena
Automation in the Entertainment Industry - Ager, Mark & Hastie, John
ERCO Handbook of Lighting Design
Focus on lightning technology - Cadena, Richard
Lighting systems for TV Studios - Mobsby, Nick
Lighting the stage - Bellman (incomplete)
Lighting technique for theatre in-the-round - Staines, Jackie
Practical DMX - Mosby, Nick
Scenic Design and Lighting Techniques - Napoli, Rob - Gloman, Jack
Set Lighting Technician’s Handbook - Box, Harry C.
Stage automation - Woodward, Anton
Stage Lighting Technician - Compiled by freelancers of the entertainment lighting industry
The Automated Lighting programmer's handbook - Schiller, Brad
The Exeter Theatre fire - Anderson, David

YES! I just returned from this event

Some books about WELDING available on PDF (please drop me an email so I can send you the ones of your interest):
Manual de soldadura GTAW (TIG)
Jefferson’s Welding Encyclopedia
Soldering, Brazing & Welding-A Manual of Techniques - D. Pritchard
Workshop Practice Series - 09 - Soldering And Brazing

Now I am a proud owner of a HP LaserJet 4050TN with duplexer unit, so I print the books of my interest without any hassle or high cost, I am currently getting the parts to make a flight case for it. I hole punch the pages, sew them and apply PVA glue which is very strong, so they finally look like this:

But as 1300 printed books I already own just in the U.K. it's being too much for my bad back and now finally there is an ebook reader that can show properly scanned A4 size technical books in almost their original size, avoiding zooming and pan scanning the screen all the time, I purchased an Amazon Kindle DX, with electronic ink that doesn't get my eyes tired, about 500 grams weight, and a battery that lasts for days:

I've seen too many laptops broken because of accidents + I like to measure my antennas outdoors with the miniVNA, so I bought this fantastic laptop made of magnesium, you can use if it is raining, even if it is snowing as this days happens in the UK ! You can find some interesting videos if you do a search on youtube for abuse toughbook. I found that the accesory for putting it on top of a tripod is too expensive so I just made one myself using one of the metal sheets of an old PC cabinet, a nut the size of the thread on the tripod and Isopon P40, (I didn't use my welder at that time as it was stored)

I love this scanner (Canon Lide) as it is so thin and light + requires no power supply, that it makes it ideal to carry it abroad when I trace some book I want not available anywhere and I go to scan it. I dream that some day they will make tough-scanners as well.

This is one of the best machines to repair scratched CDs and DVDs and it works very well. I tried many things but nothing worked so I decided to buy it and I am very pleased with it.

A Siemens Simatic S7 300 PLC to practice programming

Some of the tools of my workshop: (I will be adding many more to the list hopefully soon, as I get the time to do it)

An affordable Component analyzer. Shows the component type, special component features, component pinout, and measured parameters (such as gain, leakage current, gate threshold voltages, volt drops etc...). Saves a lot of time from searching through data books!. It doesn't matter how you connect the test clips to the component, the Atlas DCA can analyse a vast number of different component types including bipolar transistors, enhancement mode MOSFETs, depletion mode MOSFETs, Junction FETs (only gate pin identified), low power thyristors and triacs (less than 5mA trigger and hold), diodes, multiple diode networks, LEDs, bi-colour and tri-colour LEDs. It will even identify special component features such as diode protection and shunt resistors in transistors. For two-leaded components such as diodes and LEDs, any pair of test clips can be applied to the component any way round

Regulated Variable Power supply 0-30V 3A 2 outputs + 5V output. Nice, however I bought it before the ones that have a permanent display of the current were available for a similar price.

Duratool Soldering/Desoldering station. The electric pump is very helpful. Much cheaper than other manufacturers and all replacement parts are available

Using soldering paste and this preheating station makes it very easy and quick to do the job with SMDs

Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge 1.2-225 mm. To use it to measure before welding on closed cylinders and some other applications.

Fluke 51 contact thermometer. Useful to check fume machines and if electronic components are getting too hot.

Raytek Raynger ST3 non contact thermometer.

Fluke 21 multimeter. A must in every workshop. A quality tough product that won't fail easier and it will last for very long.

Fluke 376 clamp meter. A great new product that allows to measure in difficult places plus it measures the in rush current. Needed to distribute the loads between phases and many other things. Bought it in my last trip to USA, while in New York, much cheaper than in the UK!

ST-805 Digital sound meter. To comply with noise regulations, etc

ESR meter (equivalent series resistance). A great indicator of capacitor condition, useful specially when repairing vintage equipment as valved amplifiers

Fumes displacer (bought from Farnell). I replaced the 230V fan as it was not powerful enough with another one that runs at 12V, increasing the voltage to about 20V I found it to do about 10 times better! After trying a couple of them I had from equipment I took apart

A fantastic piece of kit, with GPIB and RS-232 connection, you can even design a waveform from a mathematics software in your PC!

This Insulation meter goes up to 2500V and 50Gohm ! The highest range I found.

This LCR meter does also measures Q and Z, however it goes up to 10khz only, for a handheld its ok but I am looking to buy at some point one that goes up to at least 100khz. About a year after I bought it Agilent started producing a similar meter at an affordable price, so now I would probably buy Agilent

This frequency counter is from 10 Hz up to 2.7 Ghz!

This endoscope is a useful tool to look inside equipment without removing the cover

This USB microscope is handy to check soldering joints

The click to ignite stopped working quickly and Dremel suggested that there is nothing you can do about it :-(

Same thing happened

I bougth the Oxyturbo 200 as it was much cheaper than the 300 and the only difference was the suitcase. I adapted a turntable flightcase!

However the oxyturbo is expensive to run so I use this set when I am at home

A RF field meter 0.1-8 Ghz. The first thing I discovered is that our microwave oven leaks 1.8 Watts!

This compressor came with all the accesories for painting, air brushing, inflating tires, etc. I use it mainly to clean the boards, as the bottles of air are too expensive. I added a filter and oiler (which does not show in the photo) so I am using it with some neumatic tools like a wrench, as well. One of this tools stopped working, I was told that they can break if you use too little oil or the wrong type of oil or if unwanted particles go into the flow. I used the right type of oil, however the tool was a cheap one so I am not sure what happened. So I don't recommend to use neumatic tools unless you have someone experienced who can help you. Recently I bought the spot sand blaster kit to clean small parts out of rust. Now I need to make an small cabin to use it.

Bosch Quigo. Self levelling cross line laser, useful to install shelfs, cable conduit, etc.

Leica Disto Laser 5. To measure distances, made by a Swiss company, it is excellent quality.

Amprobe ECB50A-E circuit breaker finder. Useful to find circuits in live installations without disrupting the supply. It is microprocessed to avoid interferences.

Orion Black Star PAL TV + video pattern generator. Used to test TV sets, TV decoders, etc.

Thyristor and Triac Analyser. As these devices often require test currents that are not available from existing test equipment, this piece of kit, can generate gate test currents from 100µA up to 90mA and load test currents up to 100mA to enable the safe and reliable testing of these tricky parts.

I spent a lot on this one as I bought almost all nozzles (BGA, PLCC, QFP, SOP) (about 36), however I found out that when there is no need for IC replacement it is better to use the next one.

Here is a view of the nozzles in the tray I made with some wood.

The tweezers are so helpful. Now I am going to make from plain sheet steel about 15 different types of tips so I can desolder not just 2 legged components, but ICs (through hole and SMD) much faster. This tips are not available from any manufacturer! I plan to use my Dremel multi-tool to cut them (I will post a photo of them).

Up to a 100 Mhz, 2 channels. I also have the communications module so it can do FFT and record the output in a PC! I have a current probe and an HP active probe as well.

You can weld aluminium without the need of an expensive, big and powerful TIG welder that requires 3-phase, using this and a MIG welder, however there is very little info available on things as penetration, so I bought one to experiment before the cheap ones may dissapear from Ebay, but I will have to wait to try until I can buy a MIG welder.

Digital contact and photo tachometer, to measure the speed of motors

This is called a dry bag, used by divers (like me), are cheap, really solid (the ones made of PVC like this one) and reliable to use for many items even if you are not a diver and have no plans to dive.

Quality power tools are so cheap in the UK that a fanatic as me cannot avoid buying them even when some are not used all the time
Aluminium blades for the jigsaw and aluminium blade for the chop saw are a great thing that not many people are aware of. The table saw is an Evolution Fury 5 which has a blade that cuts metal and wood, however it is not as good as a table saw designed to cut only wood. The last photograph in this row is of a Proxxon BSG220 Drill sharpener I bought it cheap as one piece was broken but I managed to make a new part for it.

This bags are made by Sequoia and normally sell for camping or adventure, I've found them so solid that I bought one for each of my hand power tools to keep them free from dust and carry them securely. There are many pockets on the inside which are very useful to put accesories for the machine.

Here is the latest version of the list of my books in paper in the United Kingdom .
You will need Microsoft Office Excel (version 2002 minimum) or at least Excel Viewer (this last one you can get it for free, just do a search on google)
It is very likely I have the PDF of the ones that says impresion, so if you cannot find them on the web let me know, I may have it and I will be happy to upload it somewhere for you to download it.

I recommend Ebookee where you can find many free downloads for excellent full books

Here is the latest version of the list of my books in paper in Argentina .
You will need Microsoft Office Excel (version 2002 minimum) or at least Excel Viewer (this last one you can get it for free, just do a search on google)

Here is the latest version of the list of my documentaries in the United Kingdom .
You will need Microsoft Office Excel (version 2002 minimum) or at least Excel Viewer (this last one you can get it for free, just do a search on google)

This is what I use to watch them! Very nice as you get a bigger screen than any TV, with the advantages of lower cost, smaller size of equipment and no bright coming directly to your eyes. I don't even needed an screen, even when the wall is painted dark brown!, that is one of the differences between a very cheap projector and a more costly one, the lumens, apart of the lifetime of the lamp which does not only measure in hours (as many think) but also in strikes to switch it on. (don't forget to clean the filter!)

And here is where I store most of them.

I recommend Mvgroup where you can find many free downloads for excellent full documentaries. You will need to register first. For most downloads you will need Bittorrent

I uploaded this here as:

-You can comment about them if you read/seen that book/documentary
-You may suggest me some other/s
-You can find some interesting title and ask me about
-I enjoy sharing my material and knowledge
-Culture is a key to happines

A generator that makes a pure sine wave was too expensive so I bought this one but I won't connect any delicate equipment to it.

Here is the hard to find Alusol datasheet, you can buy this excellent product in Ebay

This is my HF transceiver, as now I am a licensed radioamateur in the UK as well and currently taking the course to get the intermediate licence. The power supply I use it's from an old computer. It took some time to find one that does not decay without modification. As it is 12V and not 13.9V, the output of the radio is not 100W but about 65W, which for me it is better as I feel more secure the radio won't blow its final stage transistors in case of a mismatch with the antenna tuner or problem with a connector, etc. I not only saved money on the power supply but also this one as it is so small it fits in the same flight case (suit case size) as the radio does, making it great for expeditioning. By the way I have the PDF of this great, out of print, (and one of the few ever published) book on the subject: DXPeditioning. So if you want it let me know.

I use the transceiver together with the MFJ Deluxe Versa Tuner II

This is an FDC VHF transceiver, quite tough with enough functions and much cheaper than the Yaesu, Icom, etc.

This noise bridge (left), dip meter (center) and miniVNA (Vectorial Network Analyzer up to 180 Mhz) I use to calibrate antennas and coils

This is a photo tent you can get quite cheap, there are waterproof (even when not intended), so I use it to protect the transceiver when using it outdoors in this unpredictable wheather.

I used this receiver to receive the ISS (International Space Station) in packet mode, VHF, back in Buenos Aires, as you control it from your PC and you need to have it close to the antenna in order to have a minimum of signal loss, and the antenna must be outdoors. As I was in a flat in the 2nd floor and the building was a 10 storey, I used some RS-232 to RS-422 converters I made (RS-422 is easier than RS-484 when you don't need several stations). The antenna was a super turnstile I made with wood, a mesh and aluminum pipes. It was a very nice experience to calculate the losses, the antenna, to decide the best compromise solution, etc. Now I am looking to make an helix antenna to receive the weather satellites as in that times I was next to a powerful broadcasting FM Station so it was impossible.

Sennheiser, a german manufacturer, not from the old East Germany, but the excellent german stuff. Cheaper than Sony when bought and with a wider dynamic range. The earpads needed replacement, but as there are far too expensive (about a third of the cost) I just made some myself. I carry them in a Peli Case, which are used by the military as there are really tough.

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